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Zheng He Horizons Limited has been in the Greater China region since the early 1990s and works with clients, based in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions, who wish to internationalize. We do this by helping them to succeed as they seek to establish themselves in unfamiliar jurisdictions overseas. Something we ourselves have done and understand from a first hand perspective.

We ensure our clients have the tools to decide the jurisdictions which best fit their needs and goals, and help them through each stage of the process to achieve those goals.

In doing this we introduce them to international opportunities including; property and land acquisition, identifying potential corporate mergers and acquisitions and investing in their children’s education. Acting as international business development consultants to Asian corporates and MNC’s wishing to internationalize or deepen their overseas footprint, we have a particularly strong focus on the UK, however our network of affiliated partners and associates also extends globally.

In addition to our work for clients in Asia we work for UK and other European based clients wishing to acquire assets and establish business operations in Asia – such as, for example, our being the official Hong Kong and China representative for a leading Gibraltar based professional financial services group

Together with our strategic partners we also facilitate succession planning for our clients’ family estates, physical and cyber security assessment, implementation and ongoing risk management and cultural and linguistic preparation.

In exceptional cases we invest in start-up opportunities in conjunction with close associates, acting as the principals/founders and sourcing the financial resources and further funding required to launch and establish such ventures.

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Discover New Horizons

For Your Wealth ~ Internationally

Wealth is rarely kept in one location and, in the interests of prudent risk management, true international players never hold their wealth in one jurisdiction.  At the heart of your internationalization planning will be the ability to ensure that your funds are in the right place at the right time. 

For you, this means being able to call upon robust, compliant facilities for the movement of your funds from where they are ordinarily held to another jurisdiction where you may be making an acquisition.

In our changing world and with its associated regulatory environment such flexibility can present challenges which were not a consideration even just a few short years ago.

Connect with us at Zheng He Horizons and let’s discuss how we can bring regulated, licensed solutions to address your need for rapid, cost effective cross border settlements.

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Through Leveraging

The equity invested into your existing overseas commercial and residential real-estate holdings is an asset which Zheng He Horizons can help you to unlock.

For you this brings the freedom to act decisively, perhaps earlier than might ordinarily have been possible, enabling you to benefit from the value which can be gained through acquiring new assets as they become available through off-market opportunities that your Zheng He Horizons network brings to you.

Zheng He Horizons, through its UK affiliates, brings you exceptional commercial mortgage and financing facilities to enable this.

Connect with us at Zheng He Horizons and let’s discuss how we can bring regulated, licensed solutions to your need for mortgage and financing provision.

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Through International Asset Acquisition

Whether looking to acquire real estate, businesses, or intellectual property (IP), making acquisitions in different jurisdictions from your place of residence or citizenship is an effective way of adding another layer of diversification to your portfolio, and therefore an extra dimension to your risk management strategy.

However, sourcing genuine deals overseas is a real challenge, and accessing them through retail channels will undoubtedly add considerable cost, complexity and time to the project.  At Zheng He Horizons, together with our specialist partners we source off-market opportunities to bring you cost savings, simplification and a quick turnaround without multiple levels of middle-men.

Connect with us at Zheng He Horizons to arrange a meeting to develop your strategy and find out which of our opportunities are the best fit for developing your business or estate.

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In Estate Administration

When you consider your success and all that you have established, the most valuable thing is your family line going forward into the next and subsequent generations.  Aside from the actual wealth that is passed on, the increasing development of regulation, compliance and far reaching tax regulations now mean that, how you pass on the fruits of your success to the next generation is equally as important as what you pass on.

Properly structured trust, foundation, fund and other corporate structures can, in conjunction with up-to-date professional tax advice, ensure that you leave a meaningful legacy that impacts beneficially on the future as much as it does the present.

Connect with us at Zheng He Horizons and, along with our partners and affiliates, we will help you to ensure that the impact of your hard work goes on for many generations into the future.

Discover New Horizons

Overseas For You And Your Family

Aside from holding assets in different jurisdictions, one of the most significant moves that you can make to diversify risk for yourself and your family, is to acquire an alternative place of residence, citizenship and a passport for yourself and your family members.

The advantages this brings are multiple – from financial, legal, as well as practical and can reach far into the future for your family, thereby giving security and choice to your children and later generations.

There are many facets of building an alternative future, and Zheng He Horizons will partner with you right from helping you identify your aspirations, through to implementation and beyond.  We will work with you and your family to ensure that in everything from your children’s education to your home purchase and settlement, you will benefit from our experience and that of our first-class network of trusted local partners at your chosen destination.

Connect with us at Zheng He Horizons, let’s talk about which opportunity best fits you and establish the passport to a future of choice and security for generations to come.

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